First Week + Traditional Wedding

I can’t believe it’s been a whole week already! It’s been a dusty, uphill journey (pretty much all roads around here are), but we made some big moves and are excited to move into our very own apartment later this week. Living with Leslie’s host family has been an amazing privilege and we are so thankful for all of the help and support they’ve provided, but with our own place I’ll be able to take my first step toward actually being able to call Rwanda, “home”. The apartment is located in a new building in the Kicukiru neighborhood (fairly close to where we are both working) and is fully furnished! And, most importantly, it has 2 bedrooms so we have plenty of space for you all to visit. 🙂

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Arrival + Wedding Prep.

We’ve arrived!  We’ve reunited with my host family, dragged our piles of luggage home from the airport (all of which arrived, to our surprise, with no issues whatsoever), and already taught my Rwandan niece, Gianna Anaella, how to catch a frisbee.  Maman Jimmy, my wonderful host mom, has prepared a lovely room for us in their family home, newly painted a welcoming pink color (chosen of course by Anaella).  They bought a big, fluffy, blue comforter for the bed, with matching fluffy pillows, which we’re now calling our “Baloo Bed” (like the bear from the Jungle Book!).

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