The sun is shining and Rwandan sex ed is on a roll!

The rainy season is finally over, with unfortunately too many casualties (, and the sun is back and shining. The sun brings out the best in this country I think, except for the fact that we’ve taken bucket showers exclusively for the past month due to lack of water pressure, but I’m struck over and over again on my morning moto ride to work by just how beautiful this city is.

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“Not knowing what should be known” (Ethiopian Adventures!)

Recently, my friend invited me to crash in her hotel room while she attended a conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was awesome getting to see another part of East Africa and to experience Ethiopian food in its natural habitat. (Believe it or not, it tastes the same as Ethiopian restaurants in the States; it seems Ethiopians don’t compromise their food one bit to suit foreign tastes!)

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