Those two girls in Mozambique.

Mozambique was a lovely place to visit, very laidback and not too hard to get around. Blog posts scared us about the difficulty of traveling around this country but our experience was pretty smooth. It was helped significantly by our middle-aged, round-bellied taxi driver, who we endearingly called Papa Mario. We found him while wandering the streets of the capital, Maputo, where he was lounging in his taxi parked on the side of the road while a younger guy washed his car. Unclear if he was working or not since his car was covered in soapy water, he quickly assured us that he was ready for business and after the car was speedily doused in rinse water, we took off. He ferried us around the capital city as our reliable driver and referred to us as “those two girls” at first but we quickly became “my dear daughters”.

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South Africa

Before returning Stateside, Colin and I did a bunch of traveling in East and Southern Africa. The first leg of my African travels was to South Africa and Mozambique with a friend I met in Rwanda. I’d been to South Africa before, to Johannesburg several years ago with Colin, but this time we were going to Cape Town on the coast.

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