Muscongus Bay Lobster

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As many of you know, Colin and I are pretty big foodies. Soo…. We decided to start a food blog! We’d love to share our favorite spots and recipes and our love of food with y’all!

We’ve wanted to do this for awhile but we’ve struggled to remember to take pictures of our food while we eat it—when the food is that good, it’s easy to forget everything else! But in an effort to get this thing going, we’ll start (sans all original pictures) with one of our favorite spots in Maine


Restaurant Name: Muscongus Bay Lobster

Location: Round Pound, Maine

Price: $$

Our favorite item: Super fresh (and cheap) lobster!

Our rating: 5/5

A popular local spot tucked away in the tiny town of Round Pound, ME, Muscongus Bay Lobster is hand’s down our favorite lobster place. Remote enough that most of Maine’s tourists haven’t found it yet, Muscongus Bay is a simple deck that looks out over the harbor where the fishermen bring in fresh seafood daily. You place your order at a window, grab a communal table, and then dig in to the freshest, yummiest seafood of Maine.

We typically go here to order hard shell lobsters. Sold at market price, they cost on average around $15-16 each, which is a steal compared to a lot of restaurants. They arrive on a plastic tray, with lobster cracking tools and post-lobster wet wipes. Plenty of paper towels are available for messy hands.

Photo: Leslie Massicotte

They also sell delicious steamed clams and mussels, sold with cups of melted butter for dipping. We generally get a bag or two to share for the table. They have great seafood chowders if soup is your thing, and if you’re a red meat eater, the bacon wrapped scallops are super delicious. The corn-on-the-cob is also popular, but being Hoosier corn snobs, we tend to pass on those.

On most nights during the summer, the place is full of locals communally cracking open lobster shells and happily gnawing on fresh corn-on-the-cob. The whole place has got a great, laid back vibe and is the perfect summertime spot for a family dinner.

Our pro-tip: The place is BYOB so why not bring a whole picnic? Pack up bags of Cape Cod potato chips, salads full of summery vegetables, and beer from Geary Brewing (we love their Session IPA) for a complete meal!

Still hungry? Visit the Granite Hall Store just down the street where they sell Gifford’s ice cream for a post-dinner treat.

Photo: Leslie Massicotte

Photo: Leslie Massicotte


All images, except when noted otherwise, are borrowed from Google.

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Stephen Massicotte
Stephen Massicotte
1 year ago

I can also personally vouch for this place – Maine perfection!! Rustic, great harbor view, non-touristy, cheap, and the freshest seafood you can get! Also very highly recommended! P.S. I wonder if it’s easier to get to by boat rather than by car…you have to drive to the very tip of the little peninsula, as I recall.